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Women's Conference at West Oakland Baptist Church

  • West Oakland Baptist Church 1025 Violet Street Southwest Atlanta, GA, 30310 United States (map)

“Escaping the Seduction of Expectation”

When God created us, He created us with emotional needs. He designed us with the need for love, respect, security, significance as well as much more. Unfortunately, we tend to try to get our needs met in ways that don’t bring fulfillment and leave us discouraged. Many times it’s the people in our own family or our closest friends that let us down the most. Why does this happen? Can we ever be free of this cycle of trying to get our needs met only to find disappointment instead? In her talk, “Escaping the Seduction of Expectation,” Toni Hebel will unveil to you the seduction of expectation and how, if left unchecked, can lead you not only to disappointment but also to anger, frustration or depression.  You will discover how God intended us to get our needs met and how, when applied, you can experience God in tangible, real ways in your life. You will leave with not only a revelation of how you got where you are but also with a greater understanding of how you can get to where you want to be. The following questions will be answered and more.

  • Why am I easily offended or angered?

  • Why does it seem that people always let me down?

  • How am I supposed to get my emotional needs met?

  • How do I get joy back into my life?

  • Where did my peace go?

  • How can I tangibly experience God in my life?

  • Where is my freedom?