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Forever Couples Conference - Plano, TX

  • One Community Church 2400 State Highway 121 Plano, TX (map)

Most, if not all, marriage conflict is rooted in wounds suffered before the couple even met. The wounds of our past, if not forgiven, distort our present and derail our future. In the Forgiving Forward breakout sessions of the Forever Couple Conference:

You will discover The Mandate: that God expects forgiven people to forgive others; how He withholds blessing and protection in our lives when we don’t forgive and unleashes it when we do forgive; you will see the connection between unforgiveness and depression, anxiety, addictions, torment and fear.

You will observe The Model: how Jesus forgave; how He never let the offense determine His forgiveness; how He predetermined to forgive, how He paid our debt and how He connected forgiveness and reconciliation.

You will learn The Method: how to apply the protocols of forgiveness and experience the healing of past wounds, freedom from turmoil and torment, and the FOREVER marriage God designed you to have.

Come embrace truth that will forever change and regenerate your marriage!

There is a one time registration fee of $60 for this event. Please sign up HERE.