Forgiving Forward goes to Europe

by Bruce Hebel

The Forgiving Forward ministry was blessed! The powerful, wonderful gospel truth of our total forgiveness in Jesus powerfully impacted Tyndale students who are survivors of the Rwandan genocide, people threatened by Boko Haram, and Dutch people wrestling with issues in their past.” Dr. Peter Hays, Academic Dean, Tyndale Seminary, Amsterdam

These words are just a sample of what we heard from the people during our trip to Europe. God continued to bless the Forgiving Forward ministry throughout our recent trip where we spoke 10 times, delivered an all day seminar, and coached multiple people over 15 days.

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We began our ministry in Amsterdam, where I spoke two days at Tyndale Seminary. It is always both a joy and challenge to teach young theological students and faculty. It is exciting for us to see the students not only receiving the freedom of forgiveness themselves, but also being equipped to spread the Forgiveness Revolution in their native countries!

On the first Saturday of our trip, we had the privilege of teaching the full Forgiving Forward Seminar to a church plant in Northern Holland. Despite the inherent challenges of translation, the message was clear and hearts were transformed as the attendees chose to walk through the Forgiveness Protocols with each other. Toni coached a sweet young single mom who had been deserted by her ex-husband. She had a strong faith and a servant’s heart, but understandably, she was struggling under the weight of his betrayal. Toni was able to help her uncover deep root wounds that she had buried. She found freedom when she chose to forgive them. As we left, she gave us both big hugs and said, “Thank you for coming to Holland. My life is changed because you did.”

After the all-day seminar, we drove to Osnabruck, Germany where we spoke to a Spanish-speaking church. The all-day event included a morning worship service where I taught a condensed version of the first two sessions of the seminar, a potluck Sunday dinner (followed by amazing desserts), and a late afternoon session where we shared the Forgiveness Protocols. We then gave them the opportunity to forgive and through many tears breakthroughs occurred as they prayed.


The next day, the pastor and his wife asked if we could meet with them. She had been struggling for the past three years and it was affecting their marriage. Through our interpreter, who is a close friend of theirs, she poured out her heart to us. As she did, the Holy Spirit revealed a secret she had been keeping from deep in her past. The torment from that wound was damaging her relationship with her husband. When she applied the blood of Jesus to that wound, the chains fell off and her heart became free! Then God revealed things in the pastor’s heart that he had not forgiven. In five hours that day, a marriage was transformed.

The church in Madrid is an intimate group of believers that have had a 45-year relationship with one of our board members, Tom Rowe. The recent and unexpected passing of two foundational leaders, including their pastor, has rocked the church. The pastor’s family has faithfully tried to carry on amidst their pain and grief. On Friday through Sunday, we shared a blend of the Forgiving Forward and Regenerating Your Marriage messages. In the Sunday morning worship service I taught the Forgiveness Protocols. The Holy Spirit moved mightily in that place. For well over an hour at the end of the message, the church forgave, repented, and were reconciled with the leaders. The service ended with a prayer of blessing over the three key leaders as the walls over disunity fell. It was one of the most powerful services we have ever experienced.

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What an honor it is to share this message around the world, and the opportunities continue to come. The church in Germany wants us to return to go deeper with the teaching. Two pastors who attended the meeting in Spain, one from the Mediterranean coast of Spain and one from the Atlantic coast, both insisted that we come teach this message of freedom to their churches. These are just some of the requests from this trip alone.

We can only do what we do through generous support from people like you who believe in what God is doing through the ministry of Forgiving Forward. To those who pray for us, those who give monthly, and those who gave financially to make this trip a reality, THANK YOU for your active participation in the Forgiveness Revolution. If you have not yet invested with us, please prayerfully consider to generously give to Forgiving Forward. People from all over the world will be grateful you did.

Viva la Revolution!
Bruce & Toni

P.S. We will be hosting another Coaching Intensive in Fayetteville, GA on October 27th from 9am-4pm. If you have been through the Forgiving Forward Seminar or the Forgiving Forward Home Edition DVD Study and want to be more equipped to coach others through forgiveness, this is FOR YOU! Please sign up HERE.


Amy Smithwick