Every Detail of Your Life Matters

By Toni Hebel

I am constantly amazed at how God reveals Himself to me in the details of my life. Experiencing His involvement in the smallest of things is one of the many ways I learn of Him, and there is nothing more joyful to me than that!

Today is March 19, 2018. First thing this morning, as I was writing today’s date at the top of my journal page, I blurted out, “Wow!” I didn’t realize today was the 19th until I began to journal. March 19 is a very special day to me.

  • March 19, 1979: My future husband and I knelt at the altar of our church and together committed our lives fully to God. We asked Him to use us to make an impact for His Kingdom, but only in a way that can be explained by Him—nothing that we managed or created.
  • March 19, 2006: We were in the middle of the most painful situation we had ever experienced. On this day as I stood beside my husband, a pastor friend of ours publicly and unexpectedly washed Bruce’s feet at the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our friend looked Bruce in the eyes and with tears in his own emphatically said, “Don’t quit!” At that time, everything in us wanted to quit, but God clearly spoke through our dear friend. God was reminding us through our friend, “27 years ago you gave Me your lives to do with as I please. Trust Me.”
  • March 19, 2009: A dear mentor confirmed to us that we were to launch Forgiving Forward. As we were on our faces praying, asking God if Forgiving Forward was truly His plan for us, I was reminded in my heart, “God trained Jesus for 30 years before He sent Him into His public ministry.” (Luke 3:23) We had been told that all the pain we had experienced over the years was “training” for what God put us on the planet to do. We then realized that it had been exactly 30 years since we made our covenant with God back at that altar at our college church. Forgiving Forward was born.
  • March 19, 2017: We landed in Jerusalem. It was this trip to Israel that God opened the doors for us to minister for three days to Messianic Jewish leaders and Arab church leaders at the Dead Sea. Forgiveness and Blessing flowed that day at the Dead Sea!

God specializes in the details to reveal His glory. He does it in my life and He does it in yours. We get to open our eyes and look for our magnificent, omnipresent God who finds joy in manifesting His presence to us.

So what does today hold? Believe me, I’m looking! I just got off the phone with a woman who has suffered much pain and has served time in prison. I called to offer her a scholarship to an upcoming coaching training because God put her on my heart yesterday. She didn’t hesitate to receive because just yesterday she was asking God that if there was any way she could go, would He please provide a way? “I want to help women get free. I want to use the pain I have suffered for His glory.”

Yes, He did it again… He revealed Himself to me in the details of my daily life and in my new friend’s life too. “I asked God this morning on the way to work if He would reveal Himself to me. I needed a touch from Him. Then He led you to call and offer me this opportunity.”

Look at the details of your day… He is there!

Amy Smithwick