Forgiving Forward Study Guide

Forgiving Forward Study Guide

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In this eight-session DVD study you will be challenged to examine truths about forgiveness that are both shocking and transformational:

• How can you be free from your past wounds forever?

• Why does God expect forgiven people to forgive others?

• How did Jesus forgive?

• What is the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?

• How are forgiveness and faith connected?

• What are Heaven’s protocols of forgiveness?

• How do you know when you have completely forgiven something?

• How do you help someone else get set free through forgiveness?

In this study guide, a companion to the life changing book Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution, author and teacher Dr. Bruce Hebel draws a road map to lasting life change through the power of forgiveness. Each session includes an approximate 20–25 minute video segment (DVDs sold separately) and tools for practical development. This course is ideal for group and individual study.

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