I recently met with a young woman who had been raped at the age of 10. She couldn’t forgive what happened, nor get past the pain and torment of the event. She has had nightmares since the event. Through the Forgiving Forward DVD course, she was able to forgive the boy that raped her, her mom who she felt ignored what happened and herself. She is now free from the burden and is walking in freedom!


Thank you is in order for sure, but thank you can only graze the surface. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for so many things. Thank you for spending time with me in my car and taking me through the Protocols of Forgiveness. Today, my wife said to me that I was different. Much of what I learned I have put into practice. I have had the chance to use the Pre-Forgiveness Protocol on a few occasions, keeping me out of trouble. I could feel the desire to react but did not. I just forgave. Thank you for your ministry and the truth that transforms


Toni & Bruce were heaven sent! I will never forget our divine appointment. I was there to serve them but God had another plan—my daughter and I left blessed with the gift of FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is priceless. There is freedom! I forgave not only myself and but also those who have hurt my family. I am no longer a prisoner of guilt and finally the perpetrator is free from my prison. My daughter was able to forgive those who hurt her, me included. The Hebels will always hold a special place in my heart. My daughter and I are on the road to restoration. I am a redeemed woman—I now understand why I was in a lowly state for so long. The self loathing, resentment, false guilt, self blame and hatred all stem from the inability to forgive. God showed himself mighty in our life. The Hebels expressed compassion, love and concern but most of all I didn’t feel judged. My prayer is now, “Lord show me who I can share the gift of forgiveness to!"


What a blessing it was to meet with you yesterday. I was very tired when I got home after forgiving all the wounds of my past. But I am free! Thank you again for being obedient to God’s calling on your life and allowing God to use you to set captives free from their bondage of unforgiveness. You are a blessing!


Thank you Bruce for meeting with my husband Wayne. He is transformed! I want what he has, so I plan to meet with your wife next week. I can hardly wait!


That lunch spent with Bruce and the Forgiving Forward weekend was a significant part of my journey—the journey of finding Christ in me and leaving behind my selfish and prideful ways. I remain eternally grateful for the time spent with Bruce that day. As for Sandy and I, we are still separated, but we are making progress by the grace of God. We did our first devotional together last night. It was about as smooth as starting up a car for the first time in 20 years, but it started. Every time Sandy and I have talked over the last month, I have concluded our discussion with a prayer. She heard each of those prayers, every time we were together. She heard them…even when her arms were crossed, sitting across the room and a scowl on her face…not saying a word. (Like I said, I have caused a few bumps in the road.) But when she needed a prayer warrior today, she called me. That was truly a gift from God and an answer to my prayers. So that is where we stand today, God is working in each of us. I take it one day at a time and let God do the heavy lifting.

UPDATE: Sandy received much freedom after Toni led her through the Protocols. We are now back together happily married. I can’t thank you enough for allowing God to use you to bring my marriage back together!


I hope all is well with you all. I wanted to share some exciting news with you both. Today after taking a blood pregnancy test I found out we are having a baby! This is such a blessing and we are so excited and I wanted to share with you all. After two years of trying, I know God wanted Kevin and I to be at a certain place in our life (spiritually) before He blessed us with this blessing. I 100% believe that meeting with you all was the “icing on the cake.” I believe after meeting with you all, God felt we were ready for our next chapter. We were so blessed for our meeting with you. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

-K + B

You met me at Waffle House almost a year ago and helped me pray through and forgive my animosities. Unfortunately I don’t have a great ending to my story yet. My wife still left me and the divorce is almost final. Although I have struggled with forgiving my wife for leaving me anyway I remember what you told me that day and I am working towards that. I am accepting that God hasn’t sent my blessing yet. But I still trust in Him and although I may not understand His plan, I know it is perfect. God has blessed me in the fact that I was able to leave my marriage debt free. I am praying for your ministry daily. I am so blessed because of it.


We would like to thank you so much for taking the time to spend with us and help us forgive. We both feel different and it was life changing!

-T + G

Since meeting with you I have been growing everyday. I left feeling good, but it got better and better. When something makes me angry or I blow it, I deal with it through forgiveness immediately. I want to take the papers that you wrote on and frame them because I read them everyday. Thank you so much!


Incredible! Unbelievable! Beautiful! My wife’s text at 10:15 pm said, “Wow, wow, wow. I have truly been kissed by Jesus!” Praise God for you both. Thank you so much!


Since meeting with you, everything is better for my family and me. I’ve forgiven those who’ve hurt me, learned to live with expectancy and have been blessed over and over again. Thank you for helping me understand the loving and compassionate side of God. He is as kind as He is mighty. God bless you.


Thank you for helping me forgive the people that took my brother’s life. I have told my friends that when you forgive it does not stop the person who did the wrong from having to pay for the mistake. It just allows God to work in their life to change them. Carrying unforgiveness ties God’s hands from forgiving you and the Word says He will turn you over to the tormentors. If your soul feels tormented you might look to see if there is unforgiveness. I want to walk in God’s forgiveness and mercy. I am amazed at the peace that I have in my soul at this time. I hurt that my brother is gone. I would give anything to call him on the phone. But I know where he is and there is peace in that. I will talk to him again someday. I know he did not want to leave now, but he would forgive those guys. Thank you for helping me understand all this.


I love you, I love you, I love you…I now know how important it is to forgive others as well as yourself. Thank you for taking time out of your morning to spend time with us. You are sent from God. We are free!

-J + C

Amy, I am so grateful for the time you spent with me taking me through the process of forgiving my dad. As you know my relationship with my dad has been a rough one. He recently got caught having multiple affairs. He is so lost and lives to please his flesh. He is not the least bit remorseful for his actions and all the damage he has caused my family. My mom is now filing for divorce. The amazing thing is, even though all this is happening, I am still free! I am drowning in the fruits of forgiveness, peace, love and endless faith! All Glory to our God!


A week ago you helped me forgive my father. Remember, I was the one who told you I was homicidal. I want to update you. An explosion of good things has begun to happen. I smile now! I feel better! Blood pressure is dropping! My son decided to forgive me for all I did to him. My daughter has started moving towards me. Other strongholds in my life are being destroyed. The Kingdom of light is advancing on the kingdom of darkness. You were not kidding when you said it sets others free!


Meeting with you, hearing the message of forgiveness then forgiving those deep wounds in my life is the best thing that has ever happened to me, other than my salvation. I am a different woman. I once visited Israel and observed the shackles that would hold someone in bondage. That’s how I use to see myself. Now the shackles are broken. Now I am free!